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How Technical SEO Benefits Local SEO

Over the past years, the digital marketing world has changed in many ways. From website design trends to search engine optimization algorithms, keeping up with the demands has been challenging. What’s more, 2020 has been a challenging year for business owners and market experts due to the global slowdown during the coronavirus pandemic. Have you…

Over the past years, the digital marketing world has changed in many ways. From website design trends to search engine optimization algorithms, keeping up with the demands has been challenging.

What’s more, 2020 has been a challenging year for business owners and market experts due to the global slowdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Have you noticed a change in your SEO rankings or a decline in your conversion rates? If yes, you might be missing some details in your technical and local SEO strategy.

When it comes to search engine optimization, technical SEO is one of the most neglected aspects since most people give attention to on-page, off-page, and web design. Many business owners don’t recognize the importance of combining local and technical SEO to improve website ranking and achieve greater online exposure.

Our reputable Dallas SEO company, theSOULwithin LLC, identified ways that technical SEO affects your local efforts to improve your strategy and get to the top of search rankings.

What is Technical SEO?

Posting quality content on your website or blog is one way to secure high rankings. Content alone is not powerful enough to free your online potential, however. You need to have a stable foundation that can help Google understand your website and lead visitors to find your pages.

Technical SEO is the process of enhancing your website infrastructure to help search engine algorithms to find your content and spiders to crawl and index your pages. The goal is to boost your rankings and ensure that your target customers can find your web content online.

It is a broad subject that covers everything from broken links to website security and speed. If your content includes broken links, isn’t optimized for mobile devices, or doesn’t have proper metatags, your local SEO efforts will suffer. A solid technical SEO strategy, on the other hand, will boost your local SEO efforts and help you rank higher on local pages.

The key is to maintain an active digital presence and invest in quality Dallas SEO services to secure high search rankings. At theSOULwithin LLC, we can help. Be sure to contact us for a consultation.

How Technical SEO Contributes to Your Local SEO

Google prioritizes websites that are responsive, navigable, and have unique content. By optimizing your technical SEO aspects, you’ll increase your website’s value and attract the local audience.

To help you understand the importance of including technical SEO in your search engine optimization strategies, let’s look at the expected benefits and how this approach can impact your Local SEO efforts.

Improve Your Exposure

Converting visitors into customers is the main purpose of marketing and SEO. However, making people in your local area aware that your company exists is also vital. Think about the times when you searched for an HVAC professional, lawn care specialist, lawyer, dental office, or a restaurant in your town. Multiply that by your city’s population, and you’ll realize how important local SEO can be for your business.

When a person searches online for products or services you offer, the search engine can put your business information in front of their eyes. Even if they don’t choose you the first time, they will know you exist and will possibly choose your products or services in the future.

When you optimize your website and improve your pages’ technical SEO issues, Google will reward your efforts by ranking your site higher in its search results. The higher your website, the more attention you’ll attract.

Generate New Leads and Sales

If you’ve improved your site architecture and speed, you should start seeing new potential customers soon. Site architecture is one of the basic technical SEO factors, essential for generating leads and potential customers. The architecture of your website will guide search engine crawlers to index your pages. The better your site architecture, the higher you’ll rank on local Google pages.

One way to boost your site architecture is to build a sitemap, which will guide crawlers through your website and show them what’s important there. You can create either an HTML or XML sitemap.

Improving your website speed is another essential factor for a solid technical SEO plan. If your website loads slowly, Google won’t make an effort to rank you higher. If you offer an impressive loading time, you will improve your position in the local result pages.

By improving your website architecture and speed, you can expect positive changes in your conversion rate, creating more leads and, hopefully, sales.

Gain a Competitive Edge

While digital marketing has become more competitive than ever, that is not the case with technical or local SEO. If you’ve experienced a decrease in your website rank despite your efforts, you can look to technical and local SEO to make up the difference.

Apps and sites like Yelp, Google Maps, and Waze also hold a lot of potential. If you improve your technical SEO game, you will enhance your local SEO strategy and gain a competitive edge over other businesses in your niche.

Increase Authority

Technical SEO is directly related to website security and trustworthiness. By improving your website security and ensuring that your site is safe for visitors to buy products or services online, you will increase your business authority and attract new local leads.

One of the goals of a local SEO strategy is to create high-quality and locally relevant content. It helps attract more audiences and informs search engines of your geographic focus, helping your business appear in more searches.

With a secure website and quality content, you will establish your business as authoritative to people near you. When you get new visitors to your website, many of them will see your business as a reputable source in your niche.

Build a Local Following

Last but not least, technical SEO can also help you build a local following. Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly will attract more people to visit your site and, hopefully, purchase your products and services. If you do it well, you will build a loyal group of followers and buyers.

Technical SEO can be a lot to absorb. Luckily, some tools can help you optimize your site, including Google Search Console. With this tool, you will have access to information about your site structure and how it appears in local search results.

Knowing where you’ve made mistakes and how you can do better will improve your website’s look and feel. Having a well-designed and mobile-friendly website goes a long way, and building a local following and improving the communication with your target audience is only the beginning.

Get SEO Help for Your Business

For digital marketing to work, you’ll need a solid SEO plan as a base for your efforts.

Whether you are starting with your website or taking it to the next level, you’ll appreciate the help of our Dallas SEO consultants at theSOULwithin LLC.

As a leading Dallas SEO company, we will assist with your technical and local SEO strategies and work to improve your ranking. Our comprehensive Dallas SEO services will not only fix your technical issues but drive viable online success, too.

At theSOULwithin LLC, our professionals in local SEO are eager to help you identify the right keywords, increase your site rankings, and attract traffic to your website. Our team of SEO experts, led by founder and CEO Joe Edakkunnathu, is always ready to boost your presence and increase your profit.

Please contact us today to talk to our SEO consultants in Dallas and explore your options. We offer a free SEO Audit and Keywords Ranking Report, and you can see the SEO rankings of companies that are our clients.

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