Google Adwords Campaign Management Doesn’t Have to be a Full-time Job

Managing Google Ads can eat up a lot of your business time. How about outsourcing the work to a reliable company?

Local Dallas SEO Company is the name that resonates with excellent Google Adwords management.  

  • Premier Google Partner
  • Tailored Google Ads strategies
  • Dedicated account management
  • Honest and transparent pricing
  • Tracking and analyzing PPC performance
  • Monthly reporting 
  • In-house internet marketing services




Losing time and money while finding the right keywords? You aren’t the only one. Most businesses fail to realize the importance of Google AdWords management services.

By Saying NO to Google Ads, you’re Missing Out on

Fetching more leads than SEO alone can do. Get close to customers via paid search.

Targeting hundreds of keywords at one time. Filter what works for your campaign

Creating a level playing field with competitors. Make relevant ads that outdo others

Advertising in different formats like text,  site links, social proofing, location targeting, ad extensions, and more

Knowing your customers well; all thanks to analytics and tracking data from Google Adwords.

Controlling your investment in PPC ads. Fix how much you wish to pay for clicks, leads, etc.



Invest Less and Earn More

We do not say this. Google says for every $1 spent on Google Adwords, businesses earn average revenue of $2.

At Local Dallas SEO Company, we are driven to multiply the return on each dollar invested in Google ads. Our talented in-house team plus experience and tools get what you aim for—highly effective paid ads campaigns that recover your investment and generate measurable returns.

Keyword Research & Competitor Ads Analysis

The success of a paid ads campaign depends on the choice of keywords. We do competitor research and examine the market competition. It gets you a series of keywords worth targeting for as per budget.

Create Ads Campaign and Draft Ad Copies

We create a Google AdWords account and set paid ads campaigns as per your budget. The ad copies are created based on the targeted goals. Compelling and highly targeted copies

Performance Reviews & Reporting

We send detailed PPC performance reports. It also encloses the future plan and tentative budget allocation. Let’s review the campaign progress over a phone or Zoom call


What is a Good Budget for Google Adwords?

Ask the professionals. We will put together a successful PPC strategy for your business.



What are your Google Adwords management services?

At Local Dallas SEO Company, we help you with

  • Keyword research, analysis, and planning
  • Competitors Ads review
  • Creating and maintaining Google Adwords account
  • Google Ads budget analysis
  • Landing page creation and optimization
  • Google ad copy creation & testing
  • Content review and edits
  • Regulating online bidding and more.

How Does Google Adwords Work?

Google is the world’s #1 search engine.  Google Adwords ( now known as Google ads) enable you to rank your site for selected keywords or popular searches at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). It may sound like SEO but is far from it.

This is a paid ad model in which marketers would pay Google for every click received on the site link.  As there is n number of marketers or businesses competing for the coveted spots, a bidding system is introduced to rank one over another. 

There are various tools and strategies used to get more and more customers to visit the site and pursue a desirable action like click, call, book an appointment, or download an ebook. 

How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

Google Ads costing depends on a bidding system that enables businesses to bid high for a keyword and grab the coveted top position on the search engine results page. Please note that Google does not fix the cost of ads. The bidding cost depends on the competitiveness of the keyword and how much the businesses are willing to pay for that.

For this very reason, there is no fixed answer to the question. Some estimations suggest the average cost-per-click across all industries for Google Ads on the search network is $2.69. Most companies roughly invest up to $10,000 monthly on Google Ads.

If you are working on a low budget, we will work with you to chalk out a plan that maximizes return on investment. However, the budget is likely to increase or decrease depending on the campaign’s performance, and of course, there are unexpected market changes.

You can rest assured of timely reporting and reviews. Though we work as your Google Adwords campaign manager, it is your decision that will take precedence at every stage.

Which types of Google Ads can be run for eCommerce Websites?

The power of Google Ads can never be contested when it comes to eCommerce businesses.  It brings shoppers closer to the doorsteps and gets the numbers churning. There are different types of Google Ads you can consider running for your online store, namely

  1. Google Search Ads
  2. Dynamic Search Ads
  3. Google Remarketing Ads
  4. Google Shopping Ads
  5. Google Display Network
  6. YouTube Ads


Each has the potential to get you visibility wherever your potential customers visit online. That increases the user engagement and likeability of increasing sales. 

How to set up a Google ads account?

To create your Google Ads account you will need a business website and email address. You can create your account in minutes by following these steps:

  • Sign In To Google Ads: Visit the Google Ads home page or use your existing Google account to log in to Google Ads.
  • Enter your Website
  • Sart with Account Verification.
  • Create your Google Ads Campaign and get started.

Hey look! It’s an actual real person!

Joe. E is the founder of the soul within LLC
web development and search engine optimization
SEO company located in Dallas + Allen, TX.

Dallas SEO Consultant

Joe has been in the internet services industry for over 23 years while previously working in some of the largest ad agencies and consulting firms in the United States. He has worked on such as brands as Budweiser, Harley-Davidson, Cummins Engines, McDonald’s and Sony.

Currently, Joe is focused on building one-on-one relationships with local DFW area small-to-medium sized business to help increase the revenue through various internet marketing methods such as SEO, PPC, Remarketing, Social Media Marketing and Website Design & Development. Our focus is providing clear quantifiable results through benchmarking and reporting so that your organization can hold us accountable for our progress.

Our goal is to have personal relationships with the right type of client, not just any client. We hope you can contact us to see if we are a good no nonsense option for your search engine optimization needs with our affordable SEO pricing that can fit into any budget.

Book a no-obligation discovery call to see if we can be a good fit.



Create a tailored strategy for Google’s ad network that stimulates clicks, calls, and sales revenue. Get the most out of your paid ads investment.


Be there where your potential customers are. We tailor strategies and draft highly-specific ads that compel users to connect with the business.


Get interested customers to click on your ad via Google Shopping. Be ranked at the top of search results, image searches, and Google partner websites.


We will create display ads that grab more eyeballs.  Beautiful yet informative copies that get you more clicks and conversions.


It’s pointless to expect conversions if the landing page is poor. We create fast and user-friendly landing pages that drive sales.


Discover new ways to drive conversions. We test and optimize the site like CTAs, landing pages, page load speed, and ad copies.

How It Works

Paid Campaign Analysis

We collect and analyze the data to find out what works and does not work for your paid ads.  Some recommendations are introduced to improve the ad copies and other key deliverables. 



Performance Tracking

We track and monitor the performance of keywords that drive the goals like clicks, downloads, and calls.  Discover the emerging market trends that drive users to convert.

Search Network Advertising

We keep a tab on how the campaign performs on Google Search Network. Make tweaks in keywords, bids, and ad copies that work for different websites and apps. 



Ads Testing

We test and review the effectiveness of the PPC ads using A/B testing methods.  The data helps to create/optimize ad copies and landing pages that ticks all the goals.

Account Maintenance

Our work does not end at the creation of the Adwords account on Google. We do monthly reviews and introduce changes that ensure all the campaigns meet the pre-determined goals.


Book a no-obligation discovery call to see if we can be a good fit.